new pakistan map 2020

Earlier on Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan unveiled a new political map of Pakistan, which includes Indian-occupied Kashmir in its entirety.

The map was approved by Cabinet meeting chaired by PM Imran during which the members were informed of the latest situation in the occupied Kashmir. Indian PM Narinder Modi, embarked on a highly controversial process of revoking the ‘special status’ of its majority Muslim region Jammu and Kashmir on 5th August 2019.

Speaking to a televised address to the nation, the premiere shared the information of the changes made inside the Cabinet assembly. “Today is the most important day in the history that we are presenting a new political map of Pakistan before the world,” he stated.

The final status of “Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir” was to be decided in line with the relevant UNSC resolutions, read the map.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi defined the changes made within the new map, announcing it pondered the desire and aspirations of Pakistanis.

“Pakistan has made it clean today that we reject India’s techniques and that Islamabad is prepared for a non violent technique to the disputed territories — Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir,” he stated.

“The first issue that this map clears is that the solution to Kashmir will stem from the United Nations Security Council’s Resolution [of 1948], which has been printed on the map.

new pakistan map 2020

“The second point it clears is that the Siachin is ours and it shall stay that manner,” he brought.

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