The term 5G in Pakistan is eliciting excitement among youth. Doesn’t it? The question arises that what is 5G? What’s all the uproar about it? 5G simply refers to Fifth Generation of mobile networks. It is a new global wireless standard following 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. 5G is a new kind of wireless network that will connect virtually everything including machines, computers and mobiles with highly efficient speeds.

The standards presented by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) are referred to in the report of International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT)-2020 network. As per ITU standards, the 5G network speeds should be at the peak rate of 20 Gigabits/Second for the downloads and 10 Gigabits/Second for the uploads.

What does 5G portend for Pakistan? It’s a good guess as the country is rapidly embracing technology and the telecom sector is booming with the provision of 3G and 4G services to the distant corners of the country. Thereby, it is a matter of time before the public is ready for the advent of 5G technology. 

Launching of 5G in Pakistan

5G in Pakistan is being discussed for some time now. Especially Telecom giants like Jazz and Zong are in fierce competition to pioneer the effort in this country. The users and fans of both the services are also engaged in war of words over the social media for the success and effectiveness of their respective favourite company.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication has also announced a committee for the auction of 5G technology. Test trials have also been conducted by the Jazz and Zong companies. Jazz have conducted initial trial tests and achieved average download speeds of 1452 Mbps and upload speeds of 68 Mbps. Zong also launched a test and reached a speed of 1.5 Gb per second during a test video call. Telenor has also announced its plans for test trials. Thus, it can be said that the day is not far when 5G will be launched officially in the country.

Source: Dawn News

Potential Windfall For 5G in Pakistan

The number of smartphone users has increased exponentially in Pakistan due to the arrival of Chinese smartphones brands in the country. Latest statistical data by PTA’s telecom indicators show that the number of mobile phone users in Pakistan has reached 161.183 million, as of May 2019 which is a humongous figure. This goes to show the accessibility of technology in the country at the moment.

In addition, the establishment of 4G/LTE services in far-flung areas of Pakistan has also made a huge increase in the number of 3G/4G subscribers. The number of 3G and 4G users in Pakistan has reached 68.07 million in May 2019. With an increase of 0.173 million users in just a month, it has become evident that 4G users in Pakistan are increasing with rapid pace and will soon take over the 3G market after the launch of 5G services.

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