Pakistan; the land of the pure situated in the south-Asian region of the sub-continent with the its boundaries in the west divided along the “Durand Line” with Afghanistan and in the east lies its arch-rival India and in the North it shares its boundaries with those of China and in the South-West the boundaries run along the “Gold Smith Line” with Iran, with the total area of 996096 Sq.Km Pakistan sits in a region with is vast in resources and trade.

Initial Analysis

Pakistan in a time that’s well gone was labelled as a terrorist hosting country and was ridiculed with sanctions and trade restrictions this had a huge impact on the economy of Pakistan and resulted in imbalance of power and political drama being the first Muslim atomic power it has certainly grafted its way into the world politics.

Pakistan has had armed quarrels with its neighbor in the east India resulting in armed conflicts and warfare overall affecting the country’s image. Pakistan has seen rapid recovery from its dark past and is gradually moving towards a peaceful future, It has been involved in interactions with its neighbors in the past and that has evolved into a calling brand for Pakistan. Balochistan which is termed as a gold mine for Pakistan has also seen tremendous threats throughout the timeframe (Javaid & Jahangir, 2015)

Ties with Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a land that has been existent and plowed upon by civilizations that date back to the time of Alexander The Great and throughout history has been lenient towards Muslims and hence has a major part in the creation of Pakistan but in the late 70’s all this changed with invasion of Soviet 40th army division in lieu of the uprising Afghan Democratic Party (PDPA) fearing its soviet proxies in Afghanistan, to counter that the U.S.A entered the region to protect its interests using Pakistan as home-base.

After the attacks of 9/11 on the twin towers in U.S.A, the official invasion covered by the name “Operation Desert Storm” to combat and eliminate the wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden who was accused of perpetrating the aerial hijacks, again using Pakistan as the home base a lot of chaos was stirred up in Afghanistan eventually ending up in the Tabilanisation of Pakistan.

The Taliban Movement and the Tehreek-e-Taliban are two different organizations with two different motives, one is attributed to Afghanistan and one is an attache to Pakistan but Pakistan claims no such ties with this organization, Osama Bin Laden was shot dead in his home in Abbottabad in Pakistan but still force activity can still be seen in Afghanistan with the new threat of ISIS. (Weigand, 2017) 

Iran – Golden Smith Line

Iran has seen its fair share of political impacts from Pakistan and vice-versa, being an Oil producer since the start of the century Iran has played an important role in the stability of Pakistan whether it be toppling it with oil treatys or holding it up with agreements.

The Chinese Brotherhood?

Source: Google Earth

China has proved its loyalty as a valuable ally by presenting Pakistan with a ground breaking investment project (CPEC) (Rafay, 2020) and its efforts in restoring peace in IOJK, Pakistan has also played a part by providing troop support to continue the peace but the extended curfew upon the Kashmiri people has not been yet heard. Ties with China strengthened with the establishment of partnership programs although precaution is mandatory as China has not been lenient with its other business partners like Sri-Lanka and Taiwan, the on-going situation in Ladakh, India has seen a major affect in the region with Nepal now gunning for the take-over of its own states in India.

 “A Friendship Higher than the Heights of Himalayas and deeper than the depths of Arabian Sea”.Wiki

This quote is often attributed to the brotherhood of the Pakistan and China.

The work of China-Pakistan economic corridor halted after the uneventful termination of prime minister Nawaz Sharif and the uplifting of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the project has yet continued with major reforms and contracts and for sure have had a subliminal effect on Pakistani populus. A widespread rumor or speculation have been sweeping the population about the Chinese takeover of the Gwadar Deep-sea port, Pakistani Navy is seen entrenching itself into the boundaries of Gwadar but there are no confirmed sources that indicate a Chinese takeover. (Isran, Siddiki, Kumar, & Zaidi, 2019)

The Indian Rivalry

Source: Google Earth

India; an arch-enemy since the dawn of Pakistan has been in murky waters with Pakistan along the lines of trade and warfare, constant threats and violations of the LOC have become a normalcy for the people of both the nations, After the independence the discomfort of Indian authority could clearly be speculated and that burst out in the open with the outbreak of the war of 1965 and 1971, one won and one lost and the recent violations of LOC and an open invitation for an invasion India bombed an area in Pakistan called Balakot near Mansehra after the 27th February incident.

The recovery of Kulbushan Jadav, an Indian Navy officer within the boundaries of Balochistan had caused a tumble in the on-going politics with India with his revelations on how Balochistan was used as home-ground for sponsoring terrorist activities in Pakistan under his over-watch. Balochistan has ever since its recognition served as a proxy-plate for regional powers. (Khan, 2018) (Javaid & Jahangir, 2015)

Ties with BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) were uncovered with the capture of Jadav and its involvement in terrorist activities that are still on-going were uprooted and U.S talks for peace in Balochistan has much deeper roots than speculated (Mazhar, Javaid, & Goraya, 2012) due to its strategic placement and resources. 


Pakistan was formed in the name of Islam hence the constitutional name (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) and upholding the values of Islam was the first and fore-most goal of its authorities but recent activities and history indicates otherwise with on-going intra-central politics and rivalries, Pakistan still is a country that can stand on its own with the agricultural and systematic power. Rivalries and the on-going geo politics have altered its course to a new and unknown path with the on-going face-offs with the regional powers.

BUALinks stands for Bain Ul Aqwami Links which means International Relations. BUALinks is an attempt to put forward Pakistan’s point of view on its geographical politics.

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